Worst Things About Job Hunting in Pakistan

When things don’t go according to your plans, that’s when your positivity changes into

negativity. Job hunting is somehow the same. Most of the time, it is definitely a demoralizing

and frustrating process. Especially, when you approach it with positive spirit and high

confidence. Following are the common problems that are faced by candidates while searching

for a job

 Not getting any feedback after a job interview

 HR people and Recruitment consultants don’t bother to call you back

 When an organization has already selected a candidate but for legal reasons, they are

conducting an interview “for show”

 Sometimes you may face an interviewer who will ask you challenging questions just to

break your confidence and make you feel small

 Mostly people are not lucky enough to get a job quickly. You may have to pass through

several interviewing sessions in order to get success.

 You can get rejected because of incompetency or any other reasons.

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