Strategy for Scholarships Aspirants

1. Stop talking and discussing start doing, Do not troll others in the group, If you do not know the exact information for guiding others, do not comments on the queries of others.

2. Students in final year of BS or MS should take final year project seriously and try to publish work in local conference at least, as it is very important to compete for scholarship at any level

3. GPA is also important factor in foreign scholarships so try to attain maximum CGPA

4. Make your profile better by online courses.

5. For European and Asian countries is IELTS/TOEFL must. For USA GRE is must. Don’t ask can we apply without IELTS/TOEFL and GRE. You have to compete with a lot of Asians and Europeans around the world. We know it is expensive but its value is only fraction to amount you will gain as stipend.
only a very few chinese universities, dont require IELTS, but you will have to find them by yourself, NO ONE can tell you their names, for those universities, follow this process for application (china-govt-scholarship-cgs-procedure-documents-china-scholarship-council-csc )

6. Some countries like Korea, Australia, Canada, china etc need professor acceptance. Please spend time on email structure (AFTER MAKING YOUR CV, SOP, RESEARCH PROPOSAL). Read the research paper of concerned professor. Then write a compacted email free of grammatical mistakes. Please email to relevant professor only and don’t make bad impression of Pakistani students by irrelevant emails. If you will not make a good CV, SOP, RESEARCH PROPOSAL, they will throw your mail in TRASH.

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