Is Security Slack a Reason of Establishment’s Over Involvement in Politics?

Is Security Slack a Reason of Establishment’s Over Involvement in Politics?

The recent wave of terrorism has shocked Pakistan and left serious effects on the minds of its people. A series of bomb blasts across the country has saddened the whole nation and there is strong fear of insecurity.

Today was another sad day. An explosion took place in Chaman. The incident took place in the afternoon, sometime around the Jummah prayers. The aim was to target the law enforcement vehicle through a remote controlled bomb. The detonation completely destroyed the government vehicle as well as several other civilian cars, and caused serious injuries to four, including one child while no deaths were reported. The injured were shifted to the civil hospital.

The explosion was proceeded by firing, which was successfully taken care of by the military forces and the police. According to different sources, the internet service was blocked an hour before the incident as the agencies received a threat alert.

This is not the first tragedy that the country has witnessed this month. It was the third terrorist attack during the month of July. Elections are just around the corner. This is the time when security must be exceptional, ensuring safety of both, the common public and the contestants of the elections. Unfortunately, the scenario appears to be exactly opposite.

With every passing day, as we are getting closer to the elections day – July 25, the terrorists are gaining momentum and security agencies are simply losing their control.

Earlier this month, at least 10 people were injured in a blast at the election office of a Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) candidate in Razmak tehsil of North Waziristan tribal district.

On July 13, the nation survived a Doomsday. It was a day where assailants detonated bombs at two different cities of the country, first in Bannu and then in Mastung.

At least seven people including the candidate of Muttahida Majlis-i-Amal (MMA) were injured when his convoy came under bomb attack in Bannu 13th July. the MMA’s candidate from the PK-89 constituency, Sherin Malik was campaigning for elections in Takhti Kheil area of Bannu when a blast occurred targeting his convoy.

Later that day, the nation suffered another serious blow, another heart wrenching and terrifying tragedy. A suicide bomber blew himself up during the campaign of Nawab Siraj Raisani in Mastung. Claiming lives of 131 people and injuring 150. The country mourned the death of a charismatic leader and the other who lost their lives on that dark day.

ISIS has claimed the responsibility of the attack in Mastung and this has lead the people to raise questions on the internal security of the country.

Why are Pakistan’s internal security challenges increasing day after day? Why is the fear of insecurity rising while the elections are going on in the country? Have the terrorists become so strong that it has become very easy from them to breach our security? Or the security agencies have been busy, taking care of other affairs that has caused the national security to loosen up?

The security challenges has yet again given rise to different controversies. One group of people believes that it is the boiling competition that has resulted in serious enmity among the contestants and they have been hiring people to cause troubles for their opponents.

Imran Khan blamed it on the Nawaz Sharif and his party, PMLN. He tweeted that whenever Nawaz is in trouble the tension on the borders increases and the internal security of the country derails. Since Nawaz and his daughter returned to Pakistan on 13th July to hand themselves in, a lot of people have been trying to form a connection between the Jul 13 blasts and Nawaz and Maryam’s arrests. But this debate usually goes on among the PTI supporters.

The majority of the Pakistanis however believe that it is the unnecessary involvement of the military establishment in the democratic affairs of the state that has caused a slack in the internal security. It is nothing new and the debate has been going on for quite some time now, that the establishment is wiping PMLN out of the elections field in order to pave way for Imran Khan, who is the most suitable candidate to form a puppet government. The anti- PTI groups and supporters of PMLN and PPP have been constantly pointing out the interference of establishment in the 2018 general elections, accusing it of depriving the civilians of their democratic rights. The reason tragedies have also provided fuel to the fire, as it is suspected that the attention of the security agencies has been diverted to the political engineering of the country, therefore allowing the enemies and the terrorists to take full advantage of the situation. By focusing more on throwing PMLN out of the game completely than handling the internal security of the country, many politicians are blaming that the military has pulled sufficient security during the elections, giving an open passage to the assailants.

However, the military has stated that Pakistan is facing severe internal security threats. There are many actors involved in internal security environment, including refugees and band outfits which are operating with different names and different styles. Conversely, Pakistan is in state of a war, and every country in that situation of war passes through a bang-bang situation. Pakistan is facing the same case, where a myriad of internal problems is greatly aggravated by number of agents of external factors within the country. Once these agents are out of the picture, the internal problems will remain, but their resolution will not be as complex as it is now.

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