Introducing Law GAT, for Law students

Law education in Pakistan had faced many downfalls in recent years due to lack of attention of educational institutes towards Legal studies. It was a colossal mess at all levels. But with the recent announcement of Law to have only five-year degree program, a lot good can be expected. Now the proper Law laureates can emerge out of Legal studies. This also is a green signal to working Law infrastructure in Pakistan.
For enrolment as an Advocate to practice Law, a Law graduate is required to pass an assessment test that will now be conducted by National Testing Service (NTS). The provision to take Assessment Test for the purpose of practicing Law is stated in Pakistan Legal Practitioners & Bar Counsels Rules, 1976.
This test will now be conducted by NTS by the consent of Pakistan Bar Council (PBC).
Eligibility criteria to apply:
• Only those having academic background in Law with graduation can apply
• The important documents to be attached with application form are the LL.B degree with copies of detailed transcript/marks certificate of 1st, 2nd and 3rd years LL.B exams. Candidate may submit detailed transcript marks certificate of LL.B (final year) in case LL.B degree has not been issued.
• Candidates can clear the test in three attempts. NTS will conduct the test three times annually.
• Those students, who are result awaiting can not apply.
• At least 50% score is required to pass the test.
• The test is not the final criteria. Candidate will have to meet any other criteria, if any; declared by Pakistan Bar Council.


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