ISSB is an acronym for Inter Services Selection Board. ISSB is an interview taken for the selection of candidates for armed forces.
To participate in this interview, one needs to be perfect so that he is not declined on the basis of his incompetency. The interview questions should be such that the candidate can be deemed and guaranteed fit for serving. The term interview is basically developed to get the insight of the interviewee.
• The nature of questions asked, should be of such a nature that should reveal the hidden realities of the candidate.
• The questions posed must be able to derive his past-doings, and should be made in such a way, that must not be predictable ones and candidates should get no time to prepare their selves for the question prior to coming for the interview as it will hinder the interviewer from getting the main reality and insight of the candidate. The candidate after preparing for the questions of the interview will be successfully able to hide the realities related to him and will present himself of something that he actually and factually is not.
• The interviewers must be asking question totally unknown to the candidate. The questions should include the primary introduction of the candidate.
• The questions must be made in a manner that must be able to highlight the past doings of a candidate in an indirect manner.
• The questions should be made in such a manner that should target one particular area from different angles, which will enable the interviewer to get the reality about the candidate from many facets.
• The interviewer should ask questions which can expose the interests of the candidate and the field or path in which he has spent his past 5 years.
• To gauge the candidate for his intellect, questions should be asked about the general knowledge. The difficulty of the questions should be increased by the passage of answers given by the candidate. it must be increased on candidate giving right answers to the questions.
• The environment of the interview must be made in such a way that the candidate must be allowed to answer the questions related to his personality in a relax and comfortable manner.
• In order to check the stress sustenance level of candidate, questions must be asked in a strained and time compressed environment to check whether the candidate is able and capable of sustaining the stress and whether he is able enough to express himself in a stressed environment, that is basically the demand of the profession of arms.
• To check the candidate’s interests, house should be kept open for him to enable him to express his views and ideas on a particular topic. Interest of candidate regarding the current affairs can be gauged by enabling him to debate on current affairs.
• The psyche of the candidate can be judged by asking him questions of intimate sort and then judging his way and manner of responding and answering to the question.
• The speaking and walking manner of a candidate tells a lot about his personality and interests. Judging them in a proper manner will give the right insight of the candidate and his interests.

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