Government & Private Jobs In Pakistan – What is best in Pakistan?

Government jobs in Pakistan have different structure from the private jobs in Pakistan. It completely depends upon the nature of a human being where he/she perfectly fits in. But we make sure to give clear pros and cons of Government jobs in Pakistan and the private sector jobs in Pakistan. Well, Government jobs in Pakistan have permanency- these jobs have clear and strict rules which are to be followed. This is why Pakistanis normally label Government jobs as ‘slavery’. But this slavery offers employees too many allowances. Educational bills and hospital bills are normally compensated for Government jobs employees. The employees have outstanding retirement packages as well. Whereas, private sector jobs in Pakistan have no permanency- these jobs have no clear cut rules. Once they find more competent employee than you, no matter from how many years you are working the employers can replace you at any time. But the private jobs offer heavy pay packages according to academic record and the hard work employee puts in. So putting in a nutshell, both Government jobs and private jobs have their own advantages and disadvantages. And generally not every person is suitable for Government jobs; likewise not every person is suitable for private jobs. Most of the private jobs of Pakistan for instance in banks or renowned software houses offer reasonable monthly incomes and relatable allowances as well. With the passage of time, some of the private sector jobs of Pakistan are adopting the characteristics of Government jobs of Pakistan, for instance making strict contracts and a rule book.

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