Powers of PSP and of FIA officers  


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FIA is superior Law enforcement Agency in Pakistan. And its second name is Federal Police, Federal Anti Corruption Department etc. Made under the act of Parliament 1974. Whereas Police works in Police Act 1861. PSPs are not part of FIA, they are only deputed for some years of posting to serve in. It will be amazing to listen that no PSP knows High Level Investigation in all types of cases come under federal subject, until he works in FIA. Moreover, when these PSP are posted in FIA you will not believe that they take guidance from lower staff of FIA regarding all matters. Who says that the examination of CSS is the symbol of Intelligence, Education, Morals, Character, Competition, Knowledge and superiority? 
Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan in a Non PSP, Chief Justice Iftikhar Ahmed is a Non PSP, all Ministers many secretaries and bureaucrats are Non CSP and PSP. PSPs do not work for country as much as the facilities provided to them by the Government. Whereas, FIA Officers work more as compared to the facilities provided to them.
Now read below what kind facilities are provided to FIA officers to work not only in office but also in the field.

From Sub-Inspector BPS-14, Inspector BPS-16 and Assistant Director BPS-17 these are basic and real investigation officers in FIA. They have to perform their duty not only in office but also in the field.

Following facilities available to them for smooth working of official work.

(A) Salary Sub-Inspector BPS-14 Minimum Rs. 15000/= to Maximum Rs.22000/= of seniors.
(B) Salary Inspector BPS-16 Minimum Rs. 16000/= to Maximum Rs.26000/= of seniors.
(C) Salary Assistant Director BPS-17 Minimum Rs. 20000/= to Maximum Rs.35000/= of seniors.

Along with above-mentioned little salary, following facilities are not available with the said officers.

(1) Office Room along with furniture (NIL)
(2) Government Computer etc along with typists (NIL)
(3) Vehicle for official work, arrest of accused and court work (NIL)
(4) Medical and other facilities (NIL)
(5) Weapon (NIL)
(6) Stationery (NIL)
(7) 24 hours duty bound.
(8) High Officers demand much but facilitate with nothing.
(9) Due to political and bureaucratic induction of deputations on unlawful grounds, dead slow promotions.
(10) No Govt: personal office buildings and residential colonies.
(11) Lowest salary in comparison with other all Federal Departments.
(12) Shortage of staff.
(13) Shortage of equipments etc. 

FIA was made on the pattern of FBI the USA, do they have same facilities like FBI? 
Now you can judge that who is superior and who is inferior...


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