China Govt Scholarship-CGS -Procedure and Documents-(China Scholarship Council CSC)

Procedure and Documents
1a-For find your target filed University’s use CSC website…
(Here 1-select degree Master/PhD/BS 2-Select Instruction medium 3- third option duration ignore it to find more university 4- starting date ignore it 5-scholarship select yes 6-Keyword write your field name)
1b-You can also use file section of our group from file “26 Chinese Universities and English-taught Master Programs by Iqra”. Use Ctrl+F option and search the file in the file section of the group.
Use different word for find more option e.g. I am applying for Master Software Engineering I try with many quarry like Software Engineering, Software , Computer Software , Computer .
Note: use CSC just for find your subject, instruction medium ,university and don’t consider other information on CSC like last date, fee these information for self-pay student.
2-Then go to university official website and find China Govt. Scholarship notice to see last date and applying procedure ,may be university have some additional requirement like application fee (mostly have no fee) , university demand university form with CSC form or not .may be university not accept document directly .
Actually China Govt. Scholarship are two kind.1- CGS University Program –by this program university accept document directly.2- CGS Bilateral Program- university accept through embassy. For embassy in Pakistan, NTS take test .it’s already can’t apply for this if you not give test (test condition for Bilateral Program only for Pakistani other country may be not held test )
Here you can try to contact Prof for Acceptance Letter for your PhD/Master Research Supervision .*Acceptance Letter not necessary its only plus point .you can apply without acceptance letter ,so don’t tension if you not have acceptance letter .
Required Document:
Two set of all these document.
1- CSC Form. Online on CSC + University Form( if university demand it)… or google Login CSC China (if you want to apply for more than one university then create separate account with different username .but you can use same e-mail id.ignore 2nd ,3rd Preference. ) during form filing demand Agency No.a list of agency No attached in file section in this group.
2-Degree( if you waiting for coming convocation for degree then use Provisional Certificate/ whose degree not completed use Hope certificate. Format given here… ). Black copy Notarized from lawyer advocate.
3-Transcript black copy notarized (if degree not complete then semester result. But you sure that your degree will be complete before August or in start of September. Because at visa Time you must show Transcript in embassy).
4-English Proficiency letter from University or IELTS.
(almost all university accept English Proficiency letter from University )
5- Recommendation letter from two Prof Original with one set and copy with second set (best if you use color copy with 2nd set). If you want to apply in more university then Sign more letter from Prof.
6- China medical form from any hospital/ doctor (china format form attached in file section).
7- Passport copy if you have(but in some university you can’t apply without read CGS Notice from University website .if you have slip then also ok ) .
8- Study plan.
*Research Paper abstract/title page if you published .
*Acceptance letter if you have
NOTE: no need of Matric/ document .Use Blacken white copy of Degree and transcript of last degree notarize from lawyer advocate it will charge ten to fifteen Rs/page, notarize by ink stamp, don’t need to waste money for Golden Sticker Stamp. If you want to apply in more than one university then notarize more set.
Simplified process
Complete Application Procedure for Chinese Government Scholarship : 1. Search for your Concerned University Which offers your desired degree.Go to our file section and use file named “ List of Universities under Chinese Government Scholarship.pdf
2. Make a comprehensive Resume and Convincing Email, request the Professor for Acceptance Letter ( optional) 3. Register on CSC WEBSITE, Check for last date of Universities, Because different Universities have different dates. 4. Print that Application form attach all supporting docus ( Attach foreign physical examination report signed by MO by Name stamp ) 5. Register at respective university’s website as well ( University’s fee can be paid online while filling registration form at university’swebsite or by DHL or TCS services, some universities waver off registration fee for Scholarship candidate ) 6. Notarize all docus from oath commissioners (He’ll charge 20-25 rupees for each document, Make 2 copies for one university application ) 7. Make envelop and send docus to respective university, make sure University’s address is correctly mentioned on the envelop. (Use DHL courrier because it has best tracking system and services in China).

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