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Past Solved Papers of Assistant Director Intelligence Bureau (IB)

Syllabus or Test Pattern for Intelligence Bureau (IB)  Assistant Director (BS-17), in a Federal Government Organization. Second Class or Grade ‘C’ Master’s Degree or equivalent. Objective Type Test (MCQ) Part-I English = 20 marks (Vocabulary, Grammar Usage, Sentence Structuring) Part-II General Intelligence Test=80 marks (Total)  Basic Arithmetic. (20 marks)  Current Affairs. (20 marks)  Pakistan Affairs & Islamic

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Solved Past Papers of passport & Immigration

Solved Test Past Paper 2015 For more updates please sign up   Largest dam of Pakistan: Tarbela 2. Minar-e-Pakistan situated in: Lahore For more updates please sign up 3. No: of security council member: 15 4. Body that produces shadow: Umbra 5. Female part of flower: Carpel 6. Powerhouse of cell: Mitochondria 7. Muhammad Ali Johar born in Rampur. TRUE 8. Kashmir

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Ministry of Defence Past Papers of Assistant Directors

Click Here Well members I just found Government of Pakistan  Ministry of Defense Past Papers of Assistant Directors (Paper A) of 2008 and I am sharing with you. Please download the attachment. You need to register / login first then you can download Ministry of Defense Past Papers of Assistant Directors (Paper A) 2008. Click Here Click Here

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Test Pattern For Assistant Engineer Mechanical

Test Pattern For Assistant Engineer Mechanical Engineering Mechanics, Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Steam Nozzles and Turbines IC Engines and Nuclear Power Plants Compressors, Gas Dynamics and Gas Turbines Heat Transfer, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Production Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Production Management Hydraulic Machines, Steam Boilers and Engines, Machine Design, Engineering Materials

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