About Us

CareerInfo.pk is a professional internet portal for employement and recruitment in Pakistan. Our aim to offer assistance and guidance to the job seekers, while allowing recruiters to find the suitable profiles in very short time.

Why we started?

Our story began in 2015, when a group of engineers and web developers,who had recently gone through the struggling phase of pursuing the employment opportunities, decided to start this project. In the light of our own experiences, the goals of this project are kept focused on providing distinguishing characteristics from other common services of job finding. We provide additional tools for making this endeavor more than just a detached search engine for employment by making it a hub and companion for the job seekers, as well as employees, from across the country.


Our primary objective is to explore the best matches fir our skillful and qualified clients, meanwhile, making a collection of the most suitable profiles for the recruiters, to allow them to fill their vacant positions in timely manner.